Abelines Gaard

I really shouldn’t make promises of writing an article about something when it always seems there’s not enough time doing just that.

Here’s one picture of Abelines Gaard, an old Danish farmhouse turned into a very nice museum depicting the ways of how our ancestors lived their lives.

More pictures and maybe some text to follow soon…

This oven is a rarity. It might have been sold a couple of hundred times one or two centuries ago but chances are slim to none there’s many left.
We’ll see more of that oven.

Is it really antique? Or is this lamp a rather new item in Abelines Gaard?
Danish interior design is outstanding in Scandinavia. Timeless, classic beauty.

A view of the farmhouse kitchen. My wife wouldn’t like any better than that. Her taste is impeccable it seems.

Abelines Gaard’s pantry and bakery

The oven of the bakery. It is still in use today: kind ladies in old farming clothes show the visitors how bread was made here – and children are always welcome to help!

A closeup of the pantry. Note the items made of blue enameled sheet steel! We’re madly in love with that kind of utensils. Oh! See that vase?

A kitchen scale with enameled face plate. Real enamel, mind you! Must have taken some effort to bend that scale‘s hand.

Remember that oven? Here’s a closeup.
Looks like a modern interpretation of the Urnes style. What a beauty!

Blue enameled kitchenware!!!

This must have been grandma’s bed chamber!
Sweet dreams are guaranteed!

Judging by the dining room’s interior, the farmers of Abelines Gaard weren’t poor folks.

Another bed chamber – another bed.
These weren’t for children – people were much smaller than nowadays.

The living room gives us yet another hint of the farmer’s wealth: They even had a telephone! Quite uncommon these days.
That picture is blurred on purpose. I wanted to give you the impression of a lifestyle long gone.

A religious adage with nautical background. Fitting.

The living room’s clock. How many generations of farmers did it tick by?

Ok: this is the last time I will mention the farmer was wealthy: he even had the opportunity for hunting!

A basin in a sleeping chamber.
I remember having used a basin when I was ten. I was on vacation with grandma and we stayed in a farmhouse 🙂

Patriotic adage?

This weather station doesn’t look very old but don’t be fooled by its looks!
See the thermometer?
It got two scales: R and C
C stands for Celsius Centigrade
And R is the Rømer scale!
It could also be the Réaumur scale which is a tad younger but still very old and long since outdated.

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