Es ist nur eine Maske.

Das sind nur 1,5 Meter.

Das ist nur für zwei Wochen.

Das sind nur unnötige Unternehmen.

Das sind nur unnötige Arbeiter.

Das sind nur die Kneipen.

Das sind nur die Restaurants.

Das ist nur eine Party.

Das ist nur, bis die Anzahl der Infizierten sinkt.

Das ist nur, um die Auslastung der Krankenhäuser zu verringern.

Das ist nur noch ein paar Wochen.

Das sind nur die Kirchen.

Das ist nur ein Gebet.

Das ist nur, bis eine Impfung kommt.

Das ist nur ein Tracking-Armband.

Das ist nur eine App.

Das ist nur ein Gesichtserkennungssystem.

Das ist nur, damit Leute wissen, dass es neben dir sicher ist.

Das ist nur, damit man weiß, wen du triffst.

Das sind nur noch ein paar Monate.

Das ist nur ein Video, das gelöscht wurde.

Das ist nur ein Post.

Das ist nur eine Email.

Das ist nur wenig Zensur.

Das sind nur Corona-Leugner.

Das sind nur Nazis.

Das sind nur Anarchisten.

Das ist nur ein Sensor.

Das sind nur medizinische Informationen.

Das ist nur, damit du reisen kannst.

Das ist nur, damit du deinen Führerschein bekommen kannst.

Das ist nur, damit du wählen darfst.

Das ist nur für ein paar Jahre.

Das ist nur deine Freiheit, die Tag für Tag verschwindet und du bemerkst es gar nicht.

Gefunden auf Vedische Weltanschauung

12 thoughts on “Nur

  1. ᛋᛠᛉ

    “das ist nür run paar Jahre,”

    ich habe angst, CoVAIDS werden nie sterben.

    Hier, man kann nicht reise ohne Masques. Wenn gehen sie aus deinem Staaten und müssen 14 tage “quarantine.” Ekelhaft.

    Bitte, vergib meine schlechtes Deutsch. Ich lese besser als schreibe. Ich habe ein Semester aus klasse, welche ist nicht genug.


      1. ᛋᛠᛉ

        Danke! Für die Deutsches Volk hab ich große liebe.

        Sir haben schönes Kultur, Gesicht, und so weiter.

        Ach, aber für Auslanderne Deutsch ist sehr schwer.

        Which is why I am always impressed with how splendidly most Germans who speak it take to English.

        Sometimes when I have the presumably one-sided pleasure of assaulting Germans with my bad Denglish, often the German will say they are embarrassed by their English when theirs is so very often better than a modern American’s or even Brit’s.

        I hope to live to see a day where German is commonly taught in American schools as it once was.


      2. Unfuck U

        Thank you for your kind regards towards my people.
        When I was a little boy I already was Faschingsdienstag by history and as luck would have it I made the acquaintance of a pretty old farmer. He told me many stories about his juvenile life and how society was like before the First World War. He taught me lots of words and expressions of the common language that became extinct after WW II. Unfortunately I can only recall a handful of these words. I don’t know if I made a time jump back to 1850 I would be able understanding my own countrymen: their language then was so completeely different! When I reached my teen age I was happy my grandfather told me about his time being an artillery officer in WW I. Gor many days and hours I was able asking him about his life as a soldier and gained much insight into how our society was run and how the common folk and the nobles lived in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.
        My father told me what he recalled of his life as an anti aircraft gunner protecting the lives of thousands of innocents in the city of Linz which was a prime target because of her steel and armament industry. He told me the close calls he had in his encounters with the enemy and how life was when Germany was defeated and occupied. I vividly remember all that happened and societal changes from the early 70’s onwards.
        As I overlook the timespan of a little more than a century I came to the conclusion that by the start of WW I there was an open as well as a covert and still ongoing war against my people.
        One result of this war is the permanent dumbing down of my people; a constant brainwashing against their own kind, inducing a hatred against anyone trying to prevent the looming genocide.
        Don’t get me wrong: I know about the ugly side of my people, too – and I firmly believe that dampening these flaws as well as nurturing the good and beneficial traits everyone is blessed with is the most noble duty of parents as well as the duty of a good government.
        We’re having not enough parents knowing their responsibility in this regard and we completely lack governments and politicians that at least refuse doing harm to their entrusted people.
        Those who’re supposed governing us are nothing better than sociopaths and plain criminals doing everything to enrich themselves and serving the agenda of even more sinister puppeteers lurking in the shadows well out of reach of justice.
        The only hope I have has been expressed by a wise man who lived in West Virginia a couple of years ago.
        He said that these “elites” are always making the same mistake by coming out of the shadow prematurely doing their vile deeds openly as they’re sure nothing could hurt them anymore as they feel they have won their endgame. Until they’re hit unexpectedly and driven out of our societies – only to come back a century later to start their game again.
        Maybe we will get rid of them forever soon.

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      3. ᛋᛠᛉ

        Yes. Elites. It’s infuriating. I was of course indoctrinated with ideas of my country’s heroism. Indeed! Not much heroism to be seen today.

        My own understanding is that a sense of awareness was rising among the White peoples’ prior to WWI-II which would have threatened those elites by creating something less… Financially inclined which did not fit the long term portfolio of what said elites wish to achieve.

        Alas. As a boy my love of German culture was routinely punished by the system, and in part drove me to research a great many forbidden things. I owe Germany my Weltanschaüng.


      4. ᛋᛠᛉ

        No, not that one necessarily. Uncle Adi said that isn’t available for expert. Thus, I would not attempt to sully anyone’s name by taking something not meant for me. I respect those who are brave enough to deal with the repercussions. Now were I German I would likely go that road.

        Much of my personal inspirations come from Germany, music, but also philosophy and so forth. I am an Anglo. My ancient ancestors came from parts of Denmark and Germany. Examining Germany’s past, recent and ancient, forced me to re-evaluate my morals. Transvaluate, if I can be cheeky.

        My Weltanschaüng as it is, is currently in service of a project which borrows from German language. Mannerbund (I didn’t name is – I personally voted to avoid titles.) You can learn about that, if you like, at

        I don’t normally like to hit the politics wicked hard because I know everyone is in different places, with different speech laws and different comfort zones.

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      5. ᛋᛠᛉ

        Please note, there’s a variety of opinion in Männerbund, some of which draws from certain socially inconvenient ideologies. But as a whole we are trying for something suited to Americans in the current year, not necessarily trying to relive any particular part of history.


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