6 thoughts on “News From The Asylum: 1less4biden! (Video)

  1. Deathray

    Seems the asylum administrator is a funny guy and searches far and wide for ways to keep the inmates occupied. Long live the asylum administrator!!!!!!

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  2. Cederq

    I have to laugh and wonder how these people from over the pond and here expect us to take them serious when they look like poor clowns. I see there is a particular young lady for Aussie, she is brunette, but, she is wearing tape over her semi private charms… easy in his decrepit state to handle her with authority.


  3. Aussie John

    Cederq, “handle her with authority.” Just how does that go again? I can tell you’ve never tried those tactics with an Aussie chick, I’d pay to see that video! I tried taking Herr Doktor U’s advice with young German girls on the Esplanade, thanks for nothing Unfuck! Damn glad I didn’t pay him, maybe I’ll have to wait for Xmas to play St. Nicholas, let them stroke my long silver beard.


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