12 thoughts on “A proven media repellent.

  1. Aussie John

    Hey Unfuck, in reading The 21 Escapes Of Lt Alastair Cram, by David M. Guss, there is reference to an obscure ‘scandalous’ 1931 film Mädchen In Uniform (as printed), shot at the Jacob Grimm School for girls. Seeing as how you’re the only German culture expert I know, what do you say: just how scandalous could it be?


    1. Aussie John

      Deathray, at least I don’t end up with scratches and bites after trying to get a cute grizzly bear into a peekaboo nightie! Those Kiwi boys may have a fondness for ewes, but they long ago twigged that putting the sheep’s rear legs down their gumboots made sure there was no interuption to worry about!


      1. Cederq

        How do you know the Kiwis stump their sheep with their gumboots? Are you an avid sheep porn hub kind of guy Aussie?


  2. Aussie John

    Unfuck, have you been following me around the ‘net? You, and Cederq, have a reply to a comment on You Got A Purty Mouth Boy, at EatGruelDog, if the moderator approves. Re that Mädchen In Uniform movie, Microwaveboy may be right about the porn content, maybe the jung Mädchen flash their ankles? That was still the Weimar Republik free days, after all. It’s possible that someone has colourised it by now, so you’ll see a young redhead with freckled ankles!


    1. Unfuck U

      The admin of EatGruelDog surely has his reasons putting your comments on approval first. Shall I try to convince him to approve? I really hope it’s not PG-18.


    2. Cederq

      Aussie, I have the DVD of Deliverance, and when I watch it I am thinking you are one of two characters in it, the banjo boy or one of the two hillbillies that rape Ned Beatty, so, which one are you? I left the same comment at Eatgrueldog…


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