Catholicking™ The NWO

Ya still consider yourself a Catholic or are you already just a Catholick™?

12 thoughts on “Catholicking™ The NWO

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  2. Pingback: Catholicking™ The NWO | VikingLifeBlog

  3. Deathray

    No, Nope, I don’t think so.
    Not gonna happen.

    See, you just won’t stop there.
    You never do.
    You constantly move the goal post.
    Daily you change the rules.

    Hah, we know what you are, and we’re done playing your game by your rules.


  4. vᚻællKᚱᛁᛗvosᛏ

    You go to a Church most anywhere in Vermont and theres going to be a rainbow flag and BLM flag. Churches may feed the poor though they don’t set them up to work. Poverty is on the rise. Churches are institutions/an extension of the liberal political system, abetting invasive flatlanders and cityslickers to leech off of the system in the name of “love’, “tolerance”, or “brotherhood.”


    1. Unfuck U

      Years ago I was told that Vermont has the highest density of do-gooders, the moralizing, politically hyper-correct kind.
      Seems to me Vermont is like Boulder,Co on steroids. (Berkeley, Ca is the epicenter of this madness. Worldwide.)
      ….which is a real pity since if there would be a place in your country that I would move to in order to stay for the rest of my life it would be beautiful Vermont.

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      1. Deathray

        Hippies and dope fiends took over decades ago.

        I’ll just close with Bernie Sanders, enough said.


  5. Mugwump

    This video is old news in the Traditional Catholic blogoshere. This guy is just another hippy priest soon to go to his father’s house forever.

    I was speaking to my pastor at my parish a while ago and he said the bishop sent a letter to all the priests in the diocese to make racism the subject of the sermon in the coming Sunday mass. My pastor just ignored the letter and preached on the readings like on any other Sunday. I suggested to my priest that the bishop should make sodomy the subject of his next diocesan sermon recommendation.

    I think people, especially Catholics, fail to realize that the reason we find ourselves in such a mess is because the Catholic Church stopped doing its job. Why? Many reasons but the fact remains if they did do it we wouldn’t find ourselves in the situation we find ourselves in today. It’s going to be a long (and bloody) crawl back to where we were.


  6. Sean McManus

    Left catholics some time ago when the pastor’s homily was on the “theology of David Brooks” seriously. A week of so before the homily was based on an interview of the actor that portrayed MLK in the movie Selma.I was tossed out of 2 catholic schools by 7th grade…..should’ve known then.


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