8 thoughts on “A fake? You decide!

  1. Johno

    Unfuck, I recently spoke to a young Estonian lady, who was astounded when I mentioned Michael Obama. Now this woman is no fool, quite astute, yet she’d never picked up anything wrong about the Yank’s First Tranny. If you think that Moochelle is worth a mention re ‘hiding in plain sight’, have a look (on an empty stomach) at the 3 ‘women’ PMs that New Zealand has had. There are Youtube videos detailing their extra bits, I can’t link them. I think they were posted by Chief Nose Wetter, or maybe Irish. Un Zid (as the Kiwis pronounce it) is definitely the worlds most ‘diverse’ nation, with three trans leaders! Gee, no wonder their sheep are always glancing over their shoulders!


  2. Johno

    Hey Unfuck, I was just wondering, if you asked die Führer Angela (the Commie bitch), would she make me a nice Merkel Vierling? A 4-barrel .375 H & H with a second set of 2 x 12ga extra-full choke smoothbores and 2 x .300 H & H, one set of 4 x 12ga (2 x extra-full and 1 x modified and 1 x improved cylinder) and to finish off, 4-barrel .303 British. That is probably around $60,000, but she should offer you a Corona discount.


  3. Johno

    Zen ze ADL will be very busy! However, it isn’t just bad Jews or fascist Zionists of any stripe that get caned at XYZ, but blacks (be they Aussie blacktivists, or Pacific or African imports), rabid greenies, fem-nazis or any type of leftie and the incumbent globalist shills, they beat the crap out of all the baddies. All serving Australian politicians, all, share the same globalist Deep State masters as the USA, UK, most of Europe, the rest of the Americas, and much of Africa, the Pacific and Asia not owned by the CCP. I’m remiss in not sharing the link when I first visited your blog, sorry.

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