11 thoughts on “Chinese mentality I guess.

  1. Johno

    The Aussie PM Scott Morrison was heckled in Brisbane, with refugee protestors (not necessarily refugees themselves) screaming and throwing red paint. The Qld Labor state Premier* Annastacia Palaszczuk (the Palace Duck) criticised the riotous attitude of the protestors, which is a total lie. Though supposedly diametrically opposed in politics, they, and the protesters, are both working for the same boss, not the Aussie public, but the global Deep State power. *Equivalent to a US state Governor. A state Governor in Australia is a political appointment in a titular Vice-Regal position.


  2. Johno

    Unfuck, the six state Governors, and the country’s Governor General are Vice-Regal in that, although political appointees, they represent the Queen of Australia, Elizabeth II. The various functionaries must grant Royal Assent to any changes in legislation. As touched on in the film Falcon And The Snowman, the CIA staged a bloodless coup in Australia in November ’75, when their paid asset the Governor General, Sir William Kerr, dismissed the elected Labor government of Gough Whitlam in favour of appointing the Liberal government of Malcolm Fraser in a caretaker role, until a new election could be called. Now while Whitlam was traitorous Commie scum, in thrall to the CCP, he at least stood up to the Yanks to the extent that they decided that he had to go. The circumstances then, commonly referred to as The Dismissal, can reoccurr at any time, especially if another Prime Minister threatened the possible closing of the many US military and/or spy bases in Australia, as Whitlam did, in order to get them to toe the line in regards to trade or defence treaties. It is unlikely such a tactic will be tried again, while Australia is a quasi-automonous colony of the USA (even while the CCP is making huge inroads into ownership and control of infrastructure, thanks to rampant corruption), we are both in thrall to, and vassal states of racist Zionist Israel. I hope that clears up a few things for you? I posted a recent comment on Phil’s blog about historical aspects of our colonial relationship to the Yanks.


  3. Johno

    *autonomous*, sigh! I caught some of Cedrex’s oldtimers’ disease. Herr Doktor U, what do you reccomend to treat the symptoms? Oh, oh, I know!, he says. If you write me out a script (with repeats authorised) for top-heavy redheads, I’ll get my Medicare card ready!


  4. Johno

    While the Yanks run Australia, the Chinese (through front businesses, bought up already built infrastructure by huge corrupt payoffs to politicians and ‘public servants’, the greater Sydney water supply is one. They bought the Port of Darwin for A$1.00! They bought the Ord River System, a freshwater supply with a dam bigger than Austria for A$1.00. Unfuck, if you’d bid €1, plus the payoffs, you’d now own the huge irrigation and drinking water facility that you take more than a day to cross in a fast boat. You’d be able to hunt and feast on ducks, geese and swans that you can’t see an end to! Wild boar, scrub cattle and buffalo would grace your plate. Gamefish like saratoga and delicious barramundi and jungle perch on your line, smashing lures thought bulletproof. And you can pet the flat dogs, if you want! Why did you let the Chicoms have it? You could have declared it the Independent UnfuckU Duchy, finally getting Austria the colonial replacements she needed after having lost Bosnia and Hungary. Notwende Duke of Ord, has a good ring to it!

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    1. Unfuck U

      What’s the reason for that madness? Stupidly? Corruption? A longing for suicide?
      That shit‘s also going on in the US of A. Sold huge harbors to the Chinks. As far as I know these harbors are even exterritorial and are legally part of the People‘s Republic of China.


      1. Mugwump

        No, they remain US territory. However, they do have the same power and authority as any other huge US corporation in law and WILL exercise that power authority when needed.


      2. Unfuck U

        Seems I‘ve gobbled up some wrong info on the way.
        I somehow believe some guy from Florida told me about that many years ago. I must have misunderstood something.
        Thanks for your clarification!


  5. Johno

    The reasons, everything you listed, mostly massive corruption. When you have the bankroll of the CCP to buy people off with, morals, standards, regulations and laws disappear like ice on a hot day. Senior positions inside the Chinese companies are soon filled by former public servants, whose signatures helped smooth passage of formerly publicly owned land to private, but now with 6 or 7 figure yearly paypackets. Come the revolution, their necks will stretch just as long as the globalist pollies. Otherwise, we’d better learn Mandarin or Hebrew.


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