9 thoughts on “Joe knows what office he’s running for!

    1. Unfuck U

      He’s a real mystery to me this guy.
      How come the Democrats install someone so obviously brain dead? What are the benefits for them having such a weak candidate?
      Sure: should he become elected President he’d be the perfect tool, a real puppet on a string doing whatever they want him to do.
      But this guy clearly can’t win.
      So they’re either just putting up a show by raging against Trump but secretly support him by putting up a loser or they know something we don’t know yet what’s about to happen.

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      1. Cederq

        You make a very valid point, why? They are certainly corrupt and conniving. I would not put anything past them, they are showing to be desperate, desperate people are dangerous.


      2. Deathray

        I think they’re counting on the global reset.
        The total collapse of the world money system and,
        implementation of the new world order.

        They are going to use the upcoming election as an excuse to unleash their useful idiots to sew complete social discord across the country and then have the UN involved.

        President Trump wasn’t supposed to win. Nothing they do to stop him has worked.
        If the last election had gone the way they planned things would have been in order for them by now.

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      3. Cederq

        Oh Unfuck, they are trying to use the corona beer crap here too. Like I said, the elites are getting desperate, they know we know it is nothing but a huge pyramid scheme and enough people are waking to the fact that we are going to have to resort to violence and blood shed before this is all over. The only pisser about it it is never over. Our great, great, great grand kids are gonna have to do it over, it is just the way of human nature, kinda like the Matrix…


      4. Unfuck U

        Who’s running for Vice-President on the Dem‘s side?
        I think that could be another answer.
        Yesterday I had that discussion with my wife and we pondered all the reasons why they would put up such a weak candidate who obviously has Alzheimer.
        Then I said that he clearly isn’t fit enough for a presidency that lasts a couple of years (how many? Five?) and that he will resign after a couple of months due to health issues.
        Who’s to follow after him?


      5. Cederq

        Well that is easy, Cameltoe Harris and she has it out for us “Deplorables” She plans to make us pay dearly in blood because if she ascends the Velvet Throne, there will be a HOT, HOT Civil War that will make our Second Civil war look like a disagreement on a kindergarten play yard.


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