3 thoughts on “Whut a lovely campfire cooking!

  1. Mugwump

    My brother told me about this effect. Where he goes camping there are rocks that will explode when heated due to the water trapped inside of them that then turns into steam. Hence, the big bang! He showed me what they looked like so I wouldn’t make a mistake and use them for my campfire.

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    1. Unfuck U

      Yeah. The only rule I know about that: „Don’t ever use rocks from a riverbed!“
      What else do I have to keep in mind?
      Is there any giveaway that would tell me not to use a certain rock?


      1. Mugwump

        It was some time ago. But if I remember they were sedimentary type rocks that were common in south New Jersey.

        I’m definitely not a camper so I never paid much attention to it after that, but staying away from riverbed rocks seems like a good idea.

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