5 thoughts on “A valid question nowadays

  1. Johno

    Gee, I wish I could steal that, Herr von U. It isn’t that I have too much of a conscience, but my phone won’t ‘capture’ it.


    1. Unfuck U

      Just write https:// and then copy and paste this (without the „“): „unfuckuhome.files.wordpress.com/2020/10/5826f735-3390-45ba-867b-6a8ef3d06c4f.jpeg“


  2. Johno

    Oh great, now my damn phone is coated in glue paste! If you ever find that 1932 Mädchen In Uniform movie, you’d better email a clip to Deathray, remind him about human girls. I think those girlie sasquatch are making goo-goo eyes at him, not sure if that is for mating or appraising tucker.

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