5 thoughts on “Don’t we all love squirrels…

  1. Johno

    Unfuck, you’ve a couple of American readers out in the backwoods that likely love them a lot, stewed or done in breadcrumbs! Some fool introduced the American grey squirrel to British woods, because…? Now their native songbirds are scarce, chiefly from predation by that introduced pest. Oh, the fools who play God with the natural world!


    1. Unfuck U

      Same over here. They’re replacing our native squirrels pretty fast.
      The other day I’ve heard they’re plagued by squirrel pestilence (just tried a translation for that disease) so I don’t know if it is advisable eating them right now.


  2. Johno

    Unfuck, you shouldn’t concern yourself about your hillbilly correspondents, plinking away there at their bean-tin and string phones, swigging moonshine from Mason jugs. They’d likely think that there squirrel pestilence be a fancy yoorapeeyan word for Worcestershire sauce! BTW, 28 mins after your comment re Star Trek was left on Phil’s blog, there was a reply that concerns you, and another corresponent, here to remain unnamed.


      1. Johno

        Gee Unfuck, that is a common complaint among us oldies. I think it was a deal done by women with God when the world was young, to get even with men, one of the deals anyway. If it ever lets you down, the Sister may be able to let you into his bulk deal on Depends mens’ nappies. Or just ask Joe Biden!

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