Meanwhile in Europe

A boy sitting in front of an Italian school closed because of brainless Covid-measures

3 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Europe

  1. Unfuck U

    Official numbers tell us around twenty to twenty-five percent of Austrians acquired mental issues since spring 2020.
    Combine that with those already nuts before, chances are we will declare ourselves an open asylum for the mentally unstable pretty soon.
    Come to see Austria!
    Experience our Alpine medication formulas!
    Come and see Vienna where every second man is a Sigmund Freud and the other half a patient!
    Come to our great country where nobody gives a fuck if you’re psychologically challenged because nobody would even notice!
    Experience our hospital-ity and the challenge of a six-month-lockdown while our politicians tell you how much they can feel your pain!
    If you promise to put an X on the paper just next the name of our party leading our government we will even grant you the right to vote!


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