15 thoughts on “The fastest gun

  1. Johno

    Bob Munden died almost 8 years ago. I can’t get over how slick and smooth his shooting was, which is the key to real speed shooting, but also his accuracy. He was a good showman too. I however, can shoot my mouth off pretty quick sometimes.


      1. Deathray

        So Cederq, more than 24 hours after you left me totally alone dangling in the wind to take the heat and defend myself, I’m reporting that it wasn’t bad.
        Pretty respectful actually.

        I’m starting to suspect that maybe you’re the troublemaker here.🤷‍♂️


  2. Johno

    I’ve read that you don’t have county sherrifs up north in Deathrayland, so who are the coppers, the state troopers? In Australia there are state police forces, and the federal police who cover the ACT around Canberra and Commonwealth law where it applies in the land. There are also the secret police: ASIO domestic, ASIS foreign, and Border Force, and plenty of other faceless bodies.


  3. Deathray

    We think alike my friend

    As a child growing up you’re told they’re the good guys, there to help you.
    Times have changed and not for the better.
    The war on poverty
    The war on drugs
    The war on terror

    It’s a war on everyone
    Now we’re all the bad guys.

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  4. Johno

    Unfuck, I read the Wiki page about subspecies of brown bear. A fascinating subject with all the variations in America, Europe and Eurasia. If you go visiting Deathray’s mountain lair, you’d better be sure of your target if surprised by one, because it could be the Yank former first lady let ‘herself’ go, out on a nature holiday. After looking at your circa ’88 pic of the young Bath-house Barry and Big Mike, you don’t need a lot of imagination to imagine a terrible ‘hunting accident’. Strewth, it must be a rotten job to be a member of their Secret Service security team.


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