The West is falling. For now.

Rot, decay, decadence and a general loss of spirituality seem to be the trademarks of our Western civilization more than ever before.

The Great Fall Of The West seems inevitable as hordes of dumbed down offsprings of our own people burn cultural symbols of a civilization built by generations over centuries to the ground.

Let them.

No, really: Let them!

Just around the corner waits The Great Western Emptiness. That’s the days ahead when these creatures come up empty handed since there are no more benefits or handouts to have from a society they hate so much.

When resources become scarce and rampant unemployment shows its ugly face, leeches are having a bad time. Those pampered minorities with their decadence problems like gender identity or reliable sources of soy milk will have to face a very harsh reality and their chances of survival are slim to nil.

It’s true: we’re experiencing the end of an epoch of development but I advise you to regard it as a blessing. Or society switched tracks sometime at the end of the 60’s and has been on the wrong track ever since. This turning point was inevitable and those helping it on are once again the same sort of useful idiots – this time bringing on their own demise.

Yes. Let them do their burning in Chile, Germany or the USA.
Buildings and churches can be rebuilt – but they will be gone and no one will be around to weep for them.

4 thoughts on “The West is falling. For now.

  1. ᛋᛠᛉ

    Brütal, but true. Best to start making those bonds now, so if we live to see Rome burn we can do a little fiddling.

    Fun fact. Did you know, according to blind studies done in Russia, that mildly irradiated bears do not recognise trans as food due to the staggering amount of lactic in their bodies triggered by the trauma of being turned into a eunuch.


  2. Deathray

    They are the walking dead. Literally, these are drug adelled pampered basement dwelling zombies.
    I will not morn them and the entire world will be better off when they’re gone.

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    1. ᛋᛠᛉ


      *My* basement is a sweet gym and woodshop. ;P

      But yeah. When they alternative lifestyle themselves off this mortal coil, we’ll see a tremendous spike in quality of actual life.

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