4 thoughts on “Poland: no holy mass for the underlings!

  1. Dude Bubba

    They busted him and everyone else there for celebrating and participating in Mass without a mask. Horror of horrors! Poland, like the rest of the EU (except Sweden), demands everyone bow down to the VIRUS OF DEATH.

    I believe the USSR did things differently. They never really closed the churches. Anyone could walk in and worship. But they did note who went in. If they noticed you they would not arrest you. They authorities would simply fire you from your nice job and reassign you to cleaning streets. Also all your family would lose their good jobs. Then they would reassign you to the lowest and poorest housing they could find and deny entrance to your children into any university. By doing so the USSR could proudly demonstrate to all concerned that they are not closing churches and everyone is free to worship as they please. This is the exact same way they are isolating Christians now.


      1. Dude Bubba

        Yes, they did but they never entirely eradicated religion. They brought it under their control. Eastern Orthodoxy has always, and still has, a “national church” bent rather than a universal one.


      2. Unfuck U

        Let’s put it that way: they didn’t eradicate religion because they couldn’t.
        It’s like with paganism in the early medieval times. The church wanted to eradicate paganism by burning cultic sites and sometimes their priests as well but the rabble still clung to the old ways.
        So they invented Christian lore by occupying pagan traditions and claiming these rites for themselves. The goddess Freya became mother Mary, the festivities around the winter solstice became Christmas and the like.
        The National Socialists tried the same when installing a national church but failed miserably.
        The bolsheviks made life for Christians miserable but they couldn’t get rid of that religion hence the saying “religion is the people’s opioid”.


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