7 thoughts on “That’s why you need toilet paper in times of crisis!

  1. Cederq

    I would say we need to start a collection and send toilet paper to Johno of Oz and Deathray. Johno because he is so poor he can’t buy a proper lap top to read posts and Death , cause using Birch up in the hinterlands is kinda rough on the delicate…


  2. Johno

    Cederq, I thought that Deathray caught himself a bunny-rabbit come toilet day. Did the necessary then let it go to get clean until next time, poor bunny. Deathray learnt a hard lesson about using cats for the job, talk about birch bark being tough, them there feral cat claws left wounds in delicate places that don’t bear mentioning! The sepsis worried poor Deathray, enough to use the moonshine on the outside this time.


      1. Johno

        Well Unfuck, he should be nice and smooth now after ripping that lot off, and doesn’t have to go for a Brazilean waxing! Dunno if his Sasquatch girl will like it though.


  3. Johno

    Damn Unfuck, remind me not to get on your wrong side! You do realise that while he’s snowed in all winter in his mountain lair, he’ll be cooking up all sorts of barbed insults. If Deathray gets lost in a blizzard, he’ll be able to use his red arse as a rescue beacon, if it doesn’t get frostbite.


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