Wouldn’t lay her even if she’d pay me to.

What a piece of racist, worthless scum!
A lost soul. Irreversibly brainwashed against her own kind welcoming the ongoing genocide against white people.

14 thoughts on “Wouldn’t lay her even if she’d pay me to.

    1. Cederq

      You may have the 1/3rd honors Death, maybe get Aussied Johna and maybe a wucko buddy of his to complete the airtightening…


      1. Deathray

        I’m the thinker on this project
        That leaves me out of doing
        It’s all up to your brother Johno Wuno and a couple of his law breaking brothers.


      1. Johno

        Unfuck, you’d better drink some more Slivovitz as brain bleach to disinfect what Heckle and/or Jeckle leave, bird droppings are nasty, especially Alaskan ones.


      2. Deathray

        Those pictures don’t compare to your stoning video awhile back.
        Feels good to get a little payback though.

        Yeah I’m chucking

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      3. Unfuck U

        You mean the most humane way Islam is helping people to their afterlife?
        Remember: Islam means peace!
        (Well… eternal peace for those who have been helped…)


  1. Johno

    More like Heckle & Jeckle! I wouldn’t mind an MP5 to play with, hired one in Las Vegas years ago. Though my preference would be for a carbine in 10mm, be a great pig gun, when you consider it is pest eradication, not sport hunting. That Kurz model would do to make H & J dance a jig!

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  2. Johno

    Herr Unfuck, I showed your pic of young Barry and Big Mike to a woman, who I suspect of cognitive dissonance. She didn’t see any problem, said “That’s just a young Michelle with a haircut.” There are none so blind, as those who will not see.

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    1. Unfuck U

      Yeah. This is one of the rare times I am hitting a psychological roadblock made of the strange matter this woman uses to think with.
      On closer inspection it has some resemblance with weak concrete but I bet it would eventually turn out being dirt. Or horse shit. I don’t care.
      Just wipe the dust off your shoes and let her be, buddy.
      She’s quite obviously so much disconnected from reality she could live on Mars and wouldn’t notice.


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