25 thoughts on “So, who are you?

      1. Deathray

        Bruce Jenner was an American super star in the olympics in the 70’s ( gold medalist triathlon I think)
        He/it married into the infamous Kardashin family. ( married mommy)
        He/it later had his self transformed into Katlin Jenner

        You asked who are you
        All the choices are female
        I can’t answer the question based on that

        Having a little fun with you UN
        It’s tense times here and I’m trying to keep my sense of humor.


  1. Johno

    Unfuck, Deathray means Caitlyn Jenner, who used to be Bruce Jenner the Olympian. I think that, apart from the mental illness aspect, (s)he thought that lopping off the meat and two vege would ensure faster times in the pool. Also a registered Democrat and ‘celebrity’ advocate for Team Biden. Herr Doktor, maybe your redhead nurse had better provide intervention therapy to him, after I’m finished training her.


  2. Deathray

    Leave it to a foreigner to know more about our tabloid celebrities than me.
    I’m not kidding when I say that I’m out of the loop here.
    I may have a little bit better internet device than Johno but when on it I’m looking at sites like this not keeping up with the clown world. Plus I don’t have television here.

    Thanks for clearing up my misinformation Johno.
    I don’t want to ever be labeled as spreading fake news.


    1. Unfuck U

      That makes two of us!
      We also don’t have television.
      I threw the damn thing out some 21 years ago. Never ever regretted not having one either.


      1. Mugwump

        I like the big screen new one I bought. I use my PC to hold my downloaded videos and I then cast them to the TV and watch them there. Very, very nice.

        I do watch it sometimes though. The original Star Trek episodes come on a 8 every evening. Other than that, nah.


      1. Deathray

        Yeah you’re correct about the point of Johno
        I’m waiting for the temperature here to stay below-30 and then find a good solid tree to start banging my head against.
        It is kinda the same thing.


  3. Johno

    It was 18 years ago for me Unfuck. Although I did miss watching natural history and wildlife documentary shows. Such can be seen on the ‘net apparently. So maybe we’ll be able to visit Deathray.com* and see ‘Running With The Sasquatch’? *this site name now for rent at Johno.com

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  4. Johno

    So Cederq, ‘often’ must be interpreted as ‘continual’ in your Webster dialect. Did you ever come up with a viable substitute for Deathray’s birchbark TP problem? I feel sorry for the local clinic’s nurse, having to remove the splinters!


  5. Deathray

    It is really the local clinics nurse in training
    She and I have a special relationship
    That’s about all I can say about that to you Aussie
    Any further details and you would probably hurt an appendage.


  6. Deathray

    See now if I told you guys then you’d all be living vicariously through my explanation.
    I’ll just leave it to your imagination for now.
    She’s safe from the world famous Australian womanizer though since she is a brunette.


  7. Johno

    What does it say about Deathray, that he uses puss-filled arse abcesses as a way to meet women. What, that they know you’re not hiding a bad side? She is probably using one of those medical robots, from a virtual clinic in Churchill. That, or she is a 78yo feminist, getting acid flashbacks to the ’60s, looks like an old AOC.


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