One thought on “Rudy Giuliani at his best!

  1. ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ

    Objectively speaking, I was really surprised not one of the New England states came through for Trump, mind you I am not Pro-Trump but within this case I am very much a pragmatist insofar to voting, by principle rather than opting not to vote at all. I am in the Midwest (my state came through) my fiancee and I were eyeballing the polls on a state by state basis (I am thinking of doing a short post on this).

    Some states were at 84% and called the election for Trump, whilst some states were counted at 100% with the polls in favor towards Trump yet were stalling (waiting for absentee ballots to arrive) to be counted towards Biden..

    Ironically it was the American Northeast which was culpable to the Blue-wave, combine this with the usual suspects on the West Coast & the slew of absentee (mail-in ballots) that are exclusively votes for Biden (or forged), nearly every Trump voter opted in for Electronic or paper ballot (in Person) voting. Mind you I am not a Republican nor conservative, in fact I detest the whole Left/Right distinction. This situation not unlike most of life decisions in general is merely a matter of practicality as well we must be leery of the “do not vote” campaign, as it is a massive psychological operation manned by proponents of a certain group appealing to centrist interests.

    On one side we have one controlled opposition party comprised of pedophiles & anarchic terrorist apologists on the other side we have controlled opposition party no. 2 comprised of self-serving businessmen who cater to a certain “group” because they hold a lot of power neither faction paints a rosy picture. Ultimately, voting is not about the “political process” or being affiliated with either party it is about having a say rather than taking the backseat.

    Frankly, the American Right as it stands is responsible for this as well, for four years the Right was complacent and mouthy, they became discouraged too easily, giving up the fight when situation became remotely challenging. Hence, most retreated to their echo-chambers in order to complain, spread idiotic memes, speak of White-Flight on a massive scale (parallel societies) and jeer from a distance like petulant school children.

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