92-jährige Oma spricht über Corona


10 thoughts on “92-jährige Oma spricht über Corona

  1. Johno

    G’day Herr Unfuck, we havn’t heard from you for a while. I hope that your battle with the face-nappy Nazis is doing okay, and that you and your family are well.


  2. Unfuck U

    My situation is somewhat difficult right now but don’t worry: me and my family are doing well.
    At the very moment I am considering downgrading this blog to a “for free” status by simply not paying the 300 Euro yearly fee. 300 Euro are currently 350 bucks and I am not sure if I can afford that expense.
    Naturally, this would lead to an almost complete data loss which would really hurt me a lot.
    Because of that I somewhat lost much of the joy writing up articles or making videos.
    What I could do though is putting up a donation button that might help finance this sum.
    Whaddaya think?

    Meanwhile you can visit my Telegram channel!


  3. Johno

    He lives! I thought that maybe Kurz had had you put in gaol. Sure Unfuck, I’ll try to help. It won’t be in those fancy Euros, but in the Pacific Peso (Aussie dollar A$), for which the exchange rate is almost one dead match per. The Austrian Schilling had more soul than €uros do, though I’d not mind having a lot to play with. Hey, if you do set up an export service supplying surplus redheads to lonely overseas single blokes, I’m afraid that I’m too skint to be a client, but I can provide cheap bogus happy feedback testimonials for you, even certificates of virginity!


    1. Unfuck U

      OK, just wait and see. I will put up a donation page for those who would help this blog to stay afloat.
      As for the redheads…
      Well, they’re in high demand over here, too!
      I had to search 31 years until I finally found my perfect redhead.
      How about collecting Romanian girls and then color dye their hair?


      1. Johno

        Well maybe, do your blog readers get a discount? Asking for Deathray Of The North, he needs one that will wear fur all year round.


      2. Johno

        Cederq probably wants a petite girl, small enough to service his Chevy without jacking it up. I fear he himself is beyond the need for a ‘servicing’!


      3. Unfuck U

        If she’s talented she might be able jacking him up. No need involving his Chevy…
        …oh, wait… I think car servicing might come as a bonus… there’s gotta be a girl fitting that profile…Novosibirsk…
        Ah! Here she is: Olga!

        Her talents shine when she’s servicing inside a car.
        With shipping and handling from Russia she won’t be a bargain though.
        Maybe you could fly over and handle her?


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