Dear Inmates,

Hold it!

Thanks to your incredible support The Asylum is up and running again!

Things looked bleak indeed and I didn’t know how to provide you guys with enough medication keeping you obedient and docile – as every citizen should be.

My worries are gone now thanks to your kindness and hands-on-solidarity!

Let me not only express my gratitude for what you (thanks to Phil who pointed it all out) did but also tell you that your support is my obligation not only to keep going on but to develop this project even further and to keep trying to boldly go where no blog has ever dared to look under.
This also applies to the doings of strange people living in a barren wilderness fighting Sasquatch as well as nurses or guys living on a very strange continent which no one really feels the need to see.
The continent, not the guys.
And no: it’s not Antarctica I’m talking about. The land of the Penguins should be quite attractive compared to this…er… please forget I even mentioned it.

I thought of thanking each and everyone of you personally for helping to keep The Asylum afloat but that would be too much a boost for your self esteem which is something we cannot have in times of constant crisis – especially with the WuFlu lurking wherever joy and fun is to be found. You see, people with a high self esteem tend to become a nuisance to any honest dictatorship since they generally are far too self reliant to be pampered into terminal addiction to governmental handouts which is generously provided by the taxpayer’s money.

Since the government loves you unconditionally it also wants to provide you with an unconditional income.
It’s like some mother that doesn’t want her children to grow up, keeping them at home, sheltering them from real life while still breastfeeding them for as long “as it is good for them” – forever would suffice. She’s doing everything she can to have her children convinced that they desperately need her and that they couldn’t do without her.

Every sane person knows where some scenario like that would  be leading to. Everyone knows it’s not just insane but ultimately deadly.

Yet there’s enough people voluntarily handing themselves over to such an insanity. It’s because the government and all her experts know best what to do and how to behave. Never mind that it was them who created these problems in the first place – what matters is that there’s someone who’s telling them what to believe, what to say, what to do, whom to blame and fight and – ultimately – when to die.

Everyone seems to be caught in this treadmill more or less and only few are immune against that scheme. Some of them are still doing their part within that system because they haven’t yet found their way out or because they’re still dependent on it in order to make ends meet.

I can’t tell you the way out. I am nobody’s savior. I am trying to find a way out myself and it would be preposterous for someone like me trying to point out a possible way which I haven’t walked myself.

What matters though is the right mindset:


will do just nicely.
Actually I believe it’s the only mindset that will be helpful in the long run.

That’s why I feel at home in your company my friends. And I think that’s the reason you were helping out.


Lets find a way out of this together!

21 thoughts on “Dear Inmates,

  1. Phil

    I am just tickled that there are still some good hearted, if slightly crazy, people out there who give even if it hurts. Enough to keep this shiny little asylum in the black for the time being. Congrats Herr Unfuck!

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  2. Cederq

    Yeah, what Phil and what I could say to you Unfuck… ( I know your real name now) are a breath of fresh air, a signal in the darkness that is Europe that there are like minded Patriots and Friends that can and will share the burdens. If I ever in Austria I would want to share a fox hole with you! Yes, if I am in Australia I would share a bigger fox hole with you John-0, iffn’ ya keep your thumb away from me. As far as bears, moose and sasqs, I would not want to share a foxhole with you Death, too damn much snow and cold. I would share a warm cabin and three fingers of your best Bourbon tho…

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  4. Deathray

    I never took any of the fed-gov paltry payoffs.
    But if by taking it and donating to the asylum keepers fund would mean never having to figure out what that mumbling Aussie was trying to say, I’d do it. In other words I’ll pay to silence him.
    It’s either that or hire a specialist in wet work.


  5. Johno

    Antarctica should be quite pleasant this time of year, being summer in the southern hemisphere. Air New Zealand did good business with sight-seeing overflights there, until they ran a 747 into Mt. Eribus, which put a dampener on things, funny that. Hey Unfuck, if you start a fund to buy Cederq and Deathray a one-way ticket to the South Pole for a Xmas pressie, I’ll contribute!


    1. Cederq

      I won’t go up to Deathray’s compound in Alaska, what makes you think I would go down to Antarctica John-0? Too much cold and snow. I would rather go see you….yeech, blah, did I say that?


  6. Johno

    Unfuck, if you’d transpose ‘priceless’ and ‘useless’ in your answer, I’ll agree 100%, and will donate too. How much you want to bet the penguins kick up a stink? BTW, the Air Kiwi prang at Mount Erebus was with a DC-10, back in ’79. Yes, I looked it up, I bet it ruined the whole trip too.


    1. Unfuck U

      Remember Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 in 1972?
      They crashed into another mountain – in the Andes.
      Hardcore survival and gruesome details one rather doesn’t think of.
      Why not collecting funds so we all can have a cool come-together in a nice abandoned research station in Antarctica.
      We might even go Penguin hunting.


  7. Johno

    I don’t have to go that far to see penguins, they inhabit parts of Tasmania and Victoria too. If you do take Heckle & Jeckle down to Antarctica, be sure to tell those two (who would be imbibing antifreeze of some sort) that, no, the Emporer penguins are not short nuns speaking a funny language, you don’t want any beastiality going on!


  8. Johno

    Re the Uruguayan air crash, Deathray’s Sasquatch girl can probably point out the tastiest bits of human meat! The Air NZ prang was a SPLAT! sort of crash, level flight into rising ground, navigation error by airline staff when they loaded info into the jet’s nav system prior to takeoff. No survivors, of course. The airline was wholely government-owned then, I remember that management used bully-boy tactics trying to blame the pilot, even terrifying the widow, all a tactic designed to lower their liability payouts. Also Unfuck, your head of security, ex-Red Army (as Austrians would be used to such from postwar occupation), I feel that you need update the ‘colourising’ of his photo, to at least include his cap badge and decorations. He wears a few there on his chest, I wonder if he left a few little Russki bastards behind when he left for home?


  9. Johno

    Do you get many penguins in Austria, Unfuck? I suppose you could nip into a zoo and grab a few smaller breeds, let us know what they taste like. I think it no mere coincidence that there are no live penguins left where Deathray lives, the Sasquatch young can’t be too safe. He must go through an awful lot of sauce!


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