Pro Corona Demonstration!

It’s called negative affirmation.

The government wants us to socially distance?
We demand for everyone to self-isolate!

The government wants to fine people who reject wearing masks?
We demand they’re shot on the spot!

It’s a negative, very dark method of protest which really can’t be fought by government goons since the protestors ask for even more!

This is a first glance of how we plan to perform.

More to come soon!

3 thoughts on “Pro Corona Demonstration!

  1. ᛋᛠᛉ

    One small question: will this work on my Boomer Fam with subzero irony detection coping mechanisms? Already got a relative that says non-conformers should be roughed up. Unironically. I tell you: of all the fake and gay apocalypses I’ve woken up from, this has been the least inspiring. at least Y2K had Hollywood script writers.


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