Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Carrie Madej: Covid Vaccination

I uploaded the whole video before I watched it.
I only knew a shorter version of the clip below.
After I skimmed over the whole interview I found most of what she says about transhumanism very unbelievable. It just doesn’t compute.
So what I did was what the unknown cutter did: I shortened the video to its best part.
Here ya go:

Something to ponder:

The vaccines will have an efficacy of around 90 percent. Sounds nice – but what exactly does it mean?

As far as I know none of these vaccine will prevent the vaccinated from infection nor will it prevent the infected to spread the disease. The only thing it can do is soothing the effects of the infection in about 90 percent of all those vaccinated.

So why should I take a high risk, never before tested vaccine with uncertain long term effects when Corona itself has an efficacy of at least 80 percent???

Thats right: at least 80 percent of all infected will have no symptoms at oll or will experience just very mild symptoms.


Mugwump asked me where to find the whole interview. I still had it in the trash bin on my mobile phone so I uploaded it straight back onto the server. Let me tell you though that what she’s suggesting seems far to strange and even nuts for me to believe it. So if you want to follow her deep down the rabbit hole do it on your own risk.


…alright, dear inmates…I have just viewed this video and I have to say that it is way better than I first thought it was. Some of it still seems nuts or at least weird but that’s because I can’t fathom technology has already got that far.

I would really love hearing your thoughts about what Dr. Madej tells us in this video.

4 thoughts on “Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Carrie Madej: Covid Vaccination

    1. Unfuck U

      I still had the whole video in the trash bin on my mobile phone.
      I’m uploading it now and as soon as it’s on the server I’ll put it under that short clip.
      Be warned though: it’s going waaaay deep down the rabbit hole.


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