9 thoughts on “Austria: A Trump Flag at the demonstration!

      1. Cederq

        Off my meds as egorr would say, Merkel, your Chancellor? Head of the German state… Merck is a drug company if I remember correctly.


      2. Unfuck U

        Yes. I thought of the drug company when I read Merck.
        Merkel on the other hand is just a fat splat in the scenery of European politics.


      3. Unfuck U

        Man, we’re living deep inside of a fascist system. It’s the big corporations that run the show, not the political actors.


  1. egorr

    Yep, they are fighting the Dominion systems, so good ol’ George Soros is playing his usual tricks over there as well.
    Face it, most of politics is now filled with venal and corrupt people. DARN FEW patriots.


    1. Unfuck U

      I‘m not sure if politicians were that much better before.
      With the Internet the people have a tool watching them much better than ever before.


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