4 thoughts on “Nothing to worry…

  1. Phil

    Everything is fine.
    Shut up and get in line peon.
    Yeah right, fuuuuuuck these guys and their experimenting on us. The reality is that these so called experts have no idea what the long term effects are with these vaccines and our government went out of their way to exclude them from one iota of responsibility for anything that ever occurs before the first victim got jabbed.
    Kiss my ass.

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  2. Johno

    Unfuck, have you been scoring a good wicket on your seasonal work as St. Nicholas? If you could limit the knee-sitters to 16-19yo girls, it would be a good job. Leave all the littlelies to piddle on Santa’s knee in shopping centres.

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  3. Cederq

    If ya don’t celebrate Christmas, ya don’t miss it… and no Johno, you may not sit on my lap because I am sure you won’t wear a mask and you won’t get the damn jab…


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