7 thoughts on “Christmas Day! Let’s dig in!!

  1. Johno

    Unfuck, I went to my brother’s place for dinner, his wife served up roasted chook and pork, yum. Finished with plum-duff in brandy sauce. Now my gut doesn’t want to stay at my place anymore, the whiner!


  2. Johno

    I bet that Deathray’s Sasquatch babe brought him some fresh human liver, so as he can have an old-timey Christmas meal like his hero Liver-Eatin’ Johnson could have!


  3. Johno

    I was merely alluding that my gut preferred proper cooked meals. It’ll just have to get used to eating cold beans out of a tin, like rough batchelors the world over know well. You married blokes get it so easy: proper cooked meals, waited on with cold beers, unlimited sex, an easy life! No wonder you’re soft, and yet you still moan?


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