5 thoughts on “The Last Day of 2020…

  1. Johno

    You’re not missing out on anything Unfuck. It’s been 2021 for about 3 hours in Queensland, just pissing down rain. No fireworks displays this year, too bloody wet! BTW, you’re grumbling about the shitty old 2020 year, but we know the real reason that you’re staying in bed is because you’re now a clapped-out old fart, and it’s way past your beddie-byes time. You’re lucky that I’m not in Austria, or I’d be showing Mrs UnfuckU just how much fun could be had bringing in the New Year.


  2. Johno

    Yes, a Happy New Year to the UnfuckU Asylum family, wherever you are, whatever your personal circumstance. PS Unfuck, I wasn’t being rude, believe it or not, I just felt sorry for your missus being stuck with a decrepit old man, not able to ring in the New Year because it is past his bedtime. Why don’t you maybe raid those ‘spices’ that Cederq sent you for Xmas? BTW, the use of the Celtic cross, in oblique form as an X in Xmas may be a lazy secular way of writing Christmas for many, you’re correct. My reply about the Celtic symbolism is how I understood things, maybe it is an adaptation of an earlier Druid or pagan artifact?


    1. Unfuck U

      As I said I never heard it being explained that way and if one would want to use a pagan way to express his wishes he might say “happy solstice”. At least I would.


  3. Blue

    Same here. Just sitting here with my man nursing our whiskey…. with sedition on my mind. But, I will wish you a happy new year. We should burn 2020 in effigy.

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