3 thoughts on “Video: Fireworks, Russian Way

  1. Mugwump

    BM-21 Grads. 40 barrels of 122mm rockets on each truck.

    I remember reading about Ukrainian survivors of Grad battalion attacks during the war in the Donbass. Imagine eight 122 mm rockets hitting your position each second! And that barrage lasting 20 seconds! The survivors said the blast and heat was so bad they thought the stones would melt.

    Even if you physically survived the barrage you would be psychologically screwed.

    War is hell.


      1. Mugwump

        Indeed it is. The new and improved version of the BM-13 is the BM-21.

        We Americans have stuff similar but not quite like it. More of a large caliber launcher. I took pictures of one of them at White Sands Missile Range when I was there. It was being tested right next to the old V2 site.

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