Video: Elevator Meltdown

While some may find that video funny I feel sorry for that woman. She’s a clear victim of the fear mongering perpetrated by “our” governments worldwide. I feel sorry for her living through the pain and psychological stress she’s obviously having.

Maybe some calm music, a shipload of alcohol and a couple of nights with bodily exercises might help her getting back on track.

I’ve sent her an invitation on behalf of Deathray as I am sure he can expertly handle her needs.

Kudos @ Mugwump!

11 thoughts on “Video: Elevator Meltdown

  1. Mugwump

    I agree. I’m gradually coming to the conclusion that conduct like this is a direct result of watching television. The poor woman is obviously mind controlled.


  2. Deathray

    Right you are Un.
    I’ll take care of it.
    I’ll stuff her in a snow bank for a couple hours then slowly bring warmth and reason back to her.
    Should that not work, I’ll show her a picture of Johno and tell her that if she continues to misbehave I’m sending her to him. Bingo, guaranteed success ‼️


    1. Cederq

      You show a picture of the bionic Aussie and she might succumb to out right paranoia and rigid hallucinations that no amount of intensive therapy would ever overcome, she will be locked in a nightmare world she will never recover from. Now, me, she will be cooking breakfast in teh morn, have coffee ready and massage my feet while enjoying my breakfast and then go out and wash my truck, my trailers and darn my socks, all before lunch…


  3. Johno

    If you send her to Deathray, don’t forget to put her in a rough fur coat, not just for the cold, he has probably forgotten that human girls aren’t covered in hair like a Sasquatch. Well, not counting any Antifa/BLM/Green/Lefty ones. I didn’t include lesbians in that list, because some of those Euro girls that stayed behind in Australia were misguided les-be-friends, who just needed to meet their future Aussie male in order to forget all about wearing flat shoes and growing armpit hair.


  4. Johno

    G’day Unfuck, while sussing out WRSA, I saw that WIKILEAKS has dumped heaps of secret files on their site. I wish that I could open a lot of them. Some are about Austria, and many other Euro countries too, some governmental or official organisations, others about corporate secrets. A lot of Chinese stuff too, so it’s no wonder that they want to hang Assange. Go to:

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      1. Johno

        No worries Unfuck, though there is a heap of them listed, you’ll take a while just perusing listings. If you find any Cederq/Deathray sex videos, please leave them there out of concern for your readers.


  5. Heltau

    Could not understand a word that woman was yelling. Any one out there able to understand what she yelled?


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