13 thoughts on “Video – The other day in Asia: Breakfast Time!

  1. Johno

    Well he could be one of Deathray’s Innuit neighbours. Chicoms aren’t the only bat eaters, Australian aborigines of the tropics, the few that still eat bush tucker, are quite partial to the flying-fox. Said to be a sweet-tasting meat, not surprisingly.


  2. Johno

    Oh, so you’re squeamish about cannibalism? The Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French and British explorers and settlers around the southwest Pacific were leery of it too, funny that. Surviving crews of shipwrecked, or even just becalmed, vessels were captured, the ones desired for immediate food needs killed with a nulla-nulla (club). Seeing as they had no food storage capability in the heat, the others had their legs broken to prevent escape. The only exceptions to this being young women, kept as sex toys and a free labour source. The latter may be the future for grandkids of current weak Euro cultures.


  3. J@hno

    Well Unfuck, you should ask the lonely New Zealander sheep farmers about that! Also I seem to recall your buddy C*@erq being a shephard during his formative years, he may have advice on it for you? I kinda think D*@thray may have gotten more than a lovebite if trying that with girl grizzly bears, no matter how friendly they look.


  4. Johno

    Unfuck, if you notice a suspicious deep slit in a piece of ox liver, don’t buy it. Those young butchers get up to mischief of sick kinds when their minds wander. I’ve had to work with them. You can probably imagine what (Liver-eatin’) De@thray gets up to in those deep woods when there are no Sasquatch girls silly enough to come near.


  5. Johno

    I can’t speak for him, but he has said that his hero is Liver-eatin’ Johnson, the wild mountain man, famed for chewing on a chunk of a foe’s liver, as the bloke lay writhing on the ground after Johnson eviscerated him in a brawl! It’s obvious that he and his offsider missed this thread, or Cederq would be raving about the original ‘fucking food’ and his fondness for cunnilingus. Maybe there was the reason that female psych patients could overpower him and pin him to the floor? You’d better transfer him to the male ward, Doktor Unfuck.


      1. Johno

        Well you’re best to take that up with Nurse Cederq. Maybe that is how he kept up a sex life, while being paid for it!


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