8 thoughts on “Goodnight America!

      1. Phil

        John Q. Public is still blissfully unaware of what just got unleashed in our government.
        The Usurper has already been very busy putting ink to paper deploying the Deep State’s wet dream of their oppressive and invasive agenda.
        It won’t be long until the effects of that start manifesting themselves in ways that Normies will not be able to ignore.
        Then we will start seeing the true grass roots resistance start taking shape.
        It’s probably going to take a year, maybe less, then this country will be truly divided in half.
        That’s when it’s all going to start coming unglued.
        Like I said, keep watching, it’s just getting started.

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  1. Johno

    Unfuck, I’ve read on the ‘net about various special interest groups in the US banding together and seeking firearms instruction to enhance their personal and collective safety. These are not necessarily of a political bent, some are cultural or ethnocentric: black gun clubs, Asian clubs. The NRA runs excellent womens gun tuition, as do private female instructors I’ve read of. One particular group is called the Pink Pistols (true), a gay gun-instruction affair, where they don’t feel intimidated by the likes of some of your ‘rougher’ correspondents teaching them about shooting. It occurred to me, just what particular brand of shotgun, rifle or pistol would be most popular with gayboy gunnies? Why, the Brownring of course!


    1. Unfuck U

      Brownring, heh.
      As I was reading your musings I was thinking of how much defense I would have at my disposal if shit comes to shove.
      I guess one never can have enough.


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