Inmates Running the Asylum

He’s talking about the Asylum! And he’s pretty dead on!

The Government, that is. The current administration is so crazy, criminal, and inept, you can’t make this up. Here’s a list of some of their loony tunes. Yep, he’s a man of the people and a friend to the working class. NOT! It’s for the good of the people, or the children, or the […]

Inmates Running the Asylum — disturbeddeputy

7 thoughts on “Inmates Running the Asylum

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  2. CorporalWalsh'sGhost

    Talk about a metaphor, America has long since closed all their mental institutions and the former patients are roaming free. So, no the inmates aren’t running the asylum, because America no longer has one.

    Instead, the vast untreated mentally ill liberal masses have voted themselves into perpetual control over every aspect of American life. They run the media, the government, education at all levels, even the military and policing agencies they so despise! Just look at the state of our intelligence agencies, spying on ‘normal’ citizens, corrupting the rule of law to protect their chosen party, and framing everyday patriots that do not share their views.

    Just think back when America actually had asylums for the mentally challenged, do you really see the CIA of the eighties writing a ciphered love poem to Americans after working non-stop for over four years to destroy the political candidate and chosen leader of over half the American public?!

    If there is any asylum at all to be had it is in reverse. Americans are leaving their counties and states of residence in search of a ‘Sane Asylum’ where mentally well individuals can escape the lunatics roaming feral throughout our once great land. We have abandoned the cities to the crazies and are shutting ourselves in to the ‘asylum’ of the countryside, in hopes of surviving the coming zombie-like apocalypse Biden and his fellow escaped mental patients are bringing down upon us all.

    Speaking of zombies, I’d stay and post more, but I really have to get some more timber before the doors buckle here in small town Kentucky!


    1. Unfuck U

      yes that was the initial idea with creating this Asylum. If you have ever read Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy” you’ll find a character by the name of Wonko….


      1. CorporalWalsh'sGhost

        ….sorry I couldn’t hear you, I had a fish in my ear…….another pan-galactic gargleblaster?


      2. Unfuck U

        LOL! I’ve read those books a very long time ago in German. But I am sure that what you’re referring to is that extremely potent alcoholic beverage!
        I wish I’d stumble upon a witty answer in this context but my old brain only comes up with small crumbs…
        …like that crumb in that machine on the god forsaken planet once inhabited by shoemakers…


  3. CorporalWalsh'sGhost

    Douglas Adams once said he had written two perfect trilogys since there were four books in the Galaxy series and two in the Dirk Gently series!

    But my favorite Douglas Adams story was the one he told about waiting for a train. He said a bought a packet of biscuits and sat down on a bench waiting for the train. He reached down to grab his newspaper and when he straightened up he saw the woman next to him reach over the packet and take a biscuit. He was appalled, but being English, he did not dare make a scene. Instead he looked the woman in the eye and grabbed a biscuit and ate it staring her in the face!

    So she, red in the face looked him in the eye and grabbed a biscuit and ate it loudly, staring him in the face like he had done to her. This went on, one after another, the two staring each other down as they ate each and every last biscuit! When her train had come at last she stood up with a huff, grabbed her bags and stomped off to the train,, never saying a word.

    Only after she had boarded, did he see HIS packet of biscuits, which he realized he must have dropped fetching his paper!

    Actually now that I tell that story, I realize I can’t remember now whether that was Cleese or Adams…well either way, it could have only happened to an Englishman, two Americans would have beaten each other senseless.

    Anyway, yeah big Adams fan, so the fish was alluding to Ford Prefect giving the translating babel-fish to Arthur Dent after the Vogons turn Earth into a bypass, and of course the Pan Galactic Gargleblaster is Zaphod’s drink of choice.

    Great site by the way, cheers!


  4. Unfuck U

    Dear user posting from IP but using two (fake) mail addresses:
    Your comment hasn’t been cleared yet because of its irate nature.
    You have failed to provide some backup as to why Mr. Trump should have sexual intercourse with someone else than his beloved wife.
    Even in case you couldn’t give us any insight into your reasoning The Asylum might take you in as a temporary inmate.
    Please go check the director’s office to have an in-depth interview as soon as you feel up to the challenge.
    I will put you on a suitable medication, I promise!


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