The Asylum will change

Dear inmates,

As many of you already know, The Asylum will be changing soon. I was thinking of integrating my new self employment onto this site but I am not yet sure how this will be accomplished – if ever.

If ever on this site – The Asylum – that is.
If I make it happen here, you guys should have a say in that regard. Actually you guys alone should have the say for this project has become your digital place of madness as much as mine.

What is going to happen (be it here or on a new site) is that I will be selling my excellent knifes mostly online – by means of this or a new site.

Now that my family (or should I say a very generous family member) has provided me with the financial means I was able to get me the most essential tool for making this project a success – a real game changer: a forging press!

With this press I will be able making Damascus steel plus it will ease the forging process of regular knives which I will be able to complete much faster. Thus I can concentrate even more on refining the blades as well as on the creation of knife handles so that every single knife leaving my forge will be a unique masterpiece.

I really hope we can have a fruitful discussion about this and I am holding my breath for your input and questions!

21 thoughts on “The Asylum will change

  1. Johno

    G’day Unfuck, I’m sure that you’ll find a solution. Meanwhile, if you keep this blog up, don’t forget your solemn promise to feature more spunky redhead chicks. Also, a section where readers can post concise reviews of movies or books likely to interest the inmates. Lastly, because the lying liar denies it ever happened, the self-deluded Deathray needs the thread exchange where you, Phil, Cederq and I witnessed his musing around at the fag beach resort, posted on a conspicuous place on the asylum’s wall. It took Deathray 10 minutes of watching their live-stream gay beach cam, to realise that he wasn’t watching two albino turtles at all, but two beach gayboys practicing the kiss-of-life, in case one of them drowned, or felt a bit down. Deathray probably had to vacuum the beach sand out of his keyboard! When I’m able to get to the library, I’ll send more grog money to cover the effort.


  2. Grog

    Whatever direction the blog goes, it will be good. Congrats on the new career, and I will suggest selling here first, for ease of advertising, if you would consider my suggestion, because other bloggers can pass the word for you.


  3. Johno

    Grog, that was between Deathray and myself. The man is quite capable of shooting me down in flames, should he decide to do so, and he frequently does. And Herr Doktor is not averse to cracking me over the knuckles with one of his furnace tongs. Your observations about promotion of Unfuck’s knives via the blogger network are correct. The word of mouth effect from one reader in direct, or indirect, contact with others may also be strong, even outside the blogoshere.


  4. Phil

    Get a few knives under your belt so to say and post pictures of them to give everyone some kind of idea of what you have to offer. Depending on future circumstances I may have an interest in a small kitchen knife using my dimensions. Way cool that you got the forging hammer. You are going to have a blast with that thing.


    1. Unfuck U

      Yuh, I guess I will have a subsection of the asylum where I will post pictures as you mentioned and maybe even some kind of shop. I don’t know yet if I will find a solution for that – I know there is the possibility but I would have to find out. Maybe at the beginning just the pictures and the information if the knife in the picture is still available something like that. Phil it’s not a forging hammer but a forging press! It presses up to 25 tons. Man I’m so excited!


  5. Johno

    That is good to hear, Doktor. With your natural excitement and enthusiasm, you’ll be raiding the asylum’s drugs locker less often. Joking aside, a keen attitude to future challenges will be better for your physical and emotional health and enjoyment of life itself. You didn’t identify the generous family member, but it was likely Frau Unfuck, she herself will be happier from not having you under her feet at home. She wins, you win, and the inmates and future clients also benefit, cool!


    1. Unfuck U

      No chance, Johno!
      I won’t reveal the donor of this awesomeness of a machine.
      There’s a drug locker in the forge – it’s called a fridge, you know 😄
      There’s s big sausage and a loaf of cheese and a couple of energy drinks inside.
      The rest is filled with Austrian, Hungarian and Danish beer.


  6. Johno

    No worries, Unfuck. I don’t care who your benefactor is, I was just joking that Frau Unfuck would be glad to have you out from underfoot. Women want to know why their men need to spend time out having fun with their mates, but then get the shittle-dits when their bloke takes up space at home. Mind you, if she gets lonely at home when you’re off playing bladesmith, I might knock on the back door!


  7. Johno

    Strewth, Unfuck. The gubmint put Cairns, and adjacent areas into lockdown today, all because one (1) bloke had a sniffle, then tested positive for the ‘rona. Already I’ve seen people wearing masks while out driving in their car, morons!


  8. Johno

    Sorry Doktor Unfuck, I will have to travel to the library to see it on their computer. That will be after the Stasi allow people out again. *Germanic peoples come up with such cool compound abbreviated derivative terms that have entered most common languages: like Stasi, gestapo, Flak et cetera. Looks like I’ll have to study and make up a few of my own, likely ending in -kunt.


    1. Unfuck U

      Ugh. Try this one. Audio only.
      —>Click me!<—
      Dunno who’s saying this.
      Some Australian bloke.
      Thanks to the video creator’s taste there’s noise over this speech he deemed music.


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