12 thoughts on “Dear inmates,

  1. Johno

    Sorry Herr Doktor, the screen on my little phone isn’t wide enough to fit all that in. I could try it next time I can make it to the library, but they filter addresses with words like yours so that little kiddies don’t ask embaressing quertions. I’d hate to be questioned by the librarians as to what I was up to, if they see that. Now Deathray, for example, seems to have a better relationship with his librarian lady, I think it has to do with her being less hairy than the women he usually hangs with (well, they hang, from the trees, apparently).


  2. Deathray

    You certainly made the letters big enough for Blind Johno to read,
    unfortunately I don’t think his outdated phone contains that much space for all of them.
    Good thing that his crawl to the library isn’t too far and not many hills.
    But, then again, he’s locked down for now because someone somewhere stubbed their toe and cracked a finger nail and tested positive for the coff.


    1. Unfuck U

      I‘ll send him the info by mail.


      Done. He got the news.
      Is there any equivalent to braille script for prehistoric users of prehistoric phones?


  3. Deathray

    Check out the time stamps.
    As I was typing my opinion,
    Johno was send his.
    Absolutely ironic that I was able to predict what he was going to say.

    Why Deathray, that’s is amazing, how was it that you were able to develop such an extraordinary super power as this.

    Golly jazz Wally I says, it not a super power whatsoever.
    I just closed my eyes and thought, hmmm I wonder what could be the most pathetic thing Johno could possibly say about this. AND, there you go. Pulled out of our polluted ozone layer, I did.


    1. Deathray

      There’s a saying that laughter keeps you young.
      Johno, before get get offended, just know this, you’re my hero.
      Because of you, I’m going to live forever


  4. Johno

    Who is Edith, some girlfriend you hide from Frau Unfuck? BTW, I found my magnifier, and found that you posted an email address, not a web address as Phil said. With my macular oedema, some fonts seem to meld into each other on this small screen. At my last intraocular jabs, the ophthalmologist did both eyes. Wow, wasn’t ready for that, couldn’t tell what suburb the taxi drove into until he stopped at my place. No more, just one bloody eye at a time. I explained to the doctor that I manage to fall over when I can see, so it’s *interesting* when you can’t. Mind you, I would save a lot of drinking money if I went looking for a root. Trouble is, I’d have to time it right, just before the sorts were about to fall off the barstool.

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    1. Unfuck U

      Yuh, Edith agrees with me: we ought to invent Braille for prehistoric phone screens!
      (I wouldn’t want to know that pain: on goddamn injection in each eye!)


      1. Johno

        But Herr Unfuck, you’re saying that Frau Unfuck *doesn’t* poke you in the eye with her fingernail when she catches Edith taking dictation in your lap?


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