5 thoughts on “Sternenschmiede: the new forging press!

  1. Phil

    It has always amazed me just how far you can draw down a hunk of steel. I don’t think I will ever get over that.
    Good on ya buddy, I am so happy for you!
    Love the little gas forge too.
    Just watching this one video I saw you catching on, seriously.
    I could see you learning how to work the pedal to get the pressure you wanted for the results you were after.
    Now it’s just a matter of playing around with it and refining your techniques.
    I’m not sure I can adequately express just how happy I am for you and not just a little jealous too.
    That is quite the set up and I am positive you will be cranking out beautiful knives in no time!


    1. Unfuck U

      Thank you Phil!
      Your encouragement means a lot to me!
      The same process of flattening that hunk of steel just with hammer & anvil would have taken five beer cans worth of liquid replacement and four hours of hard work.
      This baby is a game changer!
      You’re right about the learning curve which is very steep at the beginning.
      After I finished recording the video it took me just around ten minutes forging a raw blade including the tang! It just needs some time at the grinding wheel and another blade is ready for a nice handle.

      Tomorrow I will make my first REAL damascus!
      This time though I will take along my camera and a tripod to avoid another shaky video.

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  2. Johno

    Good on yer Unfuck! I’ve a concept to put to you, but I’ll leave you to experiment with your damascene work. Just don’t go reading any of Nurse Sandy’s teasing/titillating comments before working at the forge, or Frau Unfuck won’t have any love until you heal!


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