8 thoughts on “Video: The first damascus billet with my new press

  1. Phil

    Very Nice.
    This is a great example of why Damascus steel was so hard to come by and so very valuable in the past.
    It would have taken a week of blasting on that with a sledge hammer to make one small billet.
    Coming along nicely my friend!
    I also agree with you how nice it is to square up the edges and make it flat with one push of a foot pedal.

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    1. Unfuck U

      Yes that’s what my wife was asking me about today: „how did they make damascus steel in medieval times?“
      I told her that the armorer smith had five or six apprentices equipped with heavy hammers banging in a rhythm at that billet. Thus they were able doing that.
      As you may remember I tried making damascus just by myself – anvil and hammer only.
      I was partially successful but it would have been a waste of time and resources trying to make a blade on order for a customer. Far too much time used up for the billet and more of a chance for upfuckery than success.
      With that forging press some material might be wasted should something go wrong but I just could start over without two or three days wasted.


  2. Sandy

    Great video! Good job! Watched the video several times.

    The video is oddly calming and peaceful and somehow poetic.

    Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    I say this as I sit on my back porch killing cicada killer wasps attracted to the lights. Three day kill tally is fourteen wasps.


    1. Unfuck U

      Thank you!
      I am happy you see it just like me.
      This work may be physically demanding sometimes but to me it’s like meditation.
      Just yesterday i made the final steps before the blade’s heat treatment – the point where a piece of steel receives its soul and turns into a real tool.
      I also made another very tiny batch of mosaic damascus steel that will be used when making my next knife.
      I googled “cicada killer wasp’ and I would hate living close to such hornet sized critters.
      There’s a similar kind of wasp in our region but it is much smaller. It builds small concrete tubes and fills them with paralyzed, small green spiders that will serve as food for the wasp larvae.


      1. Sandy

        Yes Unf! Watching what you do is therapeutic! Very soothing. Something about process and orderliness that works for me! I am OCD, so maybe you have some meds for me?


  3. Sandy

    Ummmm. Yelp. You know what I’m obsessed with. Been pretty upfront about that. But patterns are my friend.


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