15 thoughts on “Purple Heart anyone?

  1. Cederq

    Nope, I sent my Purple Heart, and my CIB and other awards back to the Sec of Army. I had received while in the Army when obazmiod was installed as chief snot picker and his gutting of the Services and making them a social studies experiment. I did the same with my Life Scout badge and all my merit badges when the boy scouts caved in and allow queers in. I also told them to take my name off of their lists.


    1. Sandy

      Son is an Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow. Two trips to Philmont Scout Ranch and one trip to World Scout Jamboree. Boy Scouts was a good experience for him. But he has already decided his progeny will not be scouts. They’ve fucked that organization up right proper.

      What was the Purple Heart for? Got scars? Cause girlz dig scars.

      I think it is absolutely atrocious that undeserving peoples (fakes) could have possession of such a venerable medal.


      1. Cederq

        I was attached to an infantry company in Kosovo and we came under fire and since I was attached for over 35 days and in combat I received my CIB. In that same action I was shot in the foot and I had shrapnel penetrated at the mental tubercle of my chin and traveled up the body and fractured the coronid process, Yes one of the scars, but it is hidden by my goat…


      2. Cederq

        I made it to Life Scout and the fumes got to me, perfume and car fumes… I too was Order of the Arrow. I never went to Philmont or the World Jamboree, but went to the state of Oregon Scout Jamboree.


      3. Sandy

        Clarification. I was referring to the people in Kabul buying the metals as the undeserving peoples.


  2. Johno

    Medical update on prisoner, I mean inmate, Johno. My op went to shit, the docs said that I coughed while under general anaesthesia, with the instruments inside my eye. Think this is right, the artery to the retina was torn off and severed, so they stitched it back up. The artery to the macular was severed by the scalpel, so they stitched it up too. Result: can’t see too good now with my left eye, after aggresive laser work while I was knocked-out, and I’m blind in the other eye. I can’t have helped things when I awoke in recovery it was dark (for eye patients?), nobody was there, I didn’t know where I was, or what I was doing there. All I knew was that there was tremendous pain in my eye and I ripped the dressing off. Much hilarity ensued when the nursing sisters returned and found me buzzed out on dodgy gear that fell of the back of Unfuck’s truck, blood, eye goop and oil everywhere. I have to lay face down for 7 days, to keep the oil against the retina, which is a p.i.t.a.


    1. Unfuck U

      Oh for Christ’s sake! This sounds terrible!
      I wonder why they don’t put their patients to sleep in a way they can prevent such a thing. I mean there’s anesthesia in which they intubate and connect the patient to an artificial respirator – no coughing.
      Does that really mean you’re blinded on one eye now?
      Whatever this means now – stay in bed and bear with staying there as best as you can for now.
      You gotta heal.
      All the best – and all our prayers for you!


    2. Sandy

      You have earned the compassionate, kind Sandy personality. Sorry for your troubles. Get well soon. I’ll clue you in to FFF when you are well again.


  3. Johno

    Well thanks, Unfuck and Sandy. My home is the other end of the state from Brisbane, so no resting. I’m supposed to apply 4 different drops 4 times daily, but I’m wasting them as I have dodgy vision in one eye and just light/dark in the other, so do it by feeling for splashes. Sandy, I’ve gone off nursing sisters, and will instead concentrate on QANTAS hosties instead. Remember when Pommy acmor Ralph Feines got extra service from the spunky air hostess on his first class QANTAS flight? Well mine didn’t go that far, I was in pauper class afterall, but she gave me sympathy, and free water and serviettes to wipe the leaking blood and oil off my face, hey, baby steps! The docs put oil in the eye so I could fly home, if they’d use gas instead, you have to sit upright on the Sunlander rail cars for a couple days. That would mean the floor for my acute back pain. Oil in the eye is a bugger, as you have to be face down for it to keep the retina in place. I put tools and whatnot on my bed, but it doesn’t stop me rolling over when I go comatose. I need some barbed wire.


    1. Johno

      Actor R. Feines, from The English Patient movie. Dunno how to spell his name. And these comments take me ages, yet I still make mistakes!


  4. Johno

    Miss Sandy, I showed Herr Unfuck’s Saint Nick beard to one of your Aussie colleagues, and she thought it a pale imitation of my own beard. I wondered why all the adhesive paper used on it during my op, the Anaesnethitist said they’d need a Whipper-snipper to get through it otherwise. Sorry if mucked up, can’t see much.


  5. Johno

    You’re only jealous, which is understandable. You may have the rotkopf Frau Unfuck to keep you happy, and Nurse Sandy for private email fun, Unfuck, but I, I have…nothing. I’m to head south to Briz-vegas tomorrow, but this tine they are having a nurse escort me. I’ve requested a top-heavy redhead, but with my luck it will likely be one of the Cederq type, or the type that inhabit the beach resorts that Deathray frolics at. As an untermensch, my sole recreation is back-chatting those recalcitrant reprobates. A pathetic existance indeed, Doktor, I just wish I didn’t have so much chronic acute pain, if it could be shared with politicians along with the taxes they steal, I could happily live with that.


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