20 thoughts on “Our situation in Austria

  1. Deathray

    Un, both your pain and anger are plain to see.
    I hope for the best for your family and your mom.
    I can appreciate how you feel. I almost lost mine here recently.
    After a month in the hospital and extremely sick for most of those days, she did manage to pull through.
    I don’t know what the long term effects will be after some of the drugs that were used on her will be.
    I fear the situation in our country is not far behind what you’re describing. Although we are finally seeing some significant push back. I look for the pressure to be turned up shortly.

    I’m going to attend a memorial service in a few hours for one of the few men I considered a friend here.

    I admire you for being strong in the face of this evil attack on all our freedom. That goes for all of you guys and ladies too. None of us really know one another besides what we say here. But I do like you all and have enjoyed being able to interact with all of you.

    I don’t know what our future will be. I’ll stop now by saying that I plan on holding out and sticking with the few people in my community that feel the same. In the end I guess that will be what everyone will try and do here.
    I wish you all well and pray that we have the courage to hold steady in our convictions.


    1. Unfuck U

      Thank you for your kind words!
      I really appreciate all your caring for us and the only thing that I can reply to you is that I feel just the same.
      My wife also wishes to extend her thanks to you my friend!


  2. Cederq

    Your papers, bitte… seem they didn’t get the memo of the last time a little Austrian tried this. It must be in your DNA, your people UnF. I pray you and your family escape what is coming to Europe and here in the states. It is not going to be pretty. This the fact that we can communicate and so far talk freely to others on the other side of the world scares those that want us to be serfs and slaves. We find out you are as we, we are as you. At one time I and Death would be on the other side firing at you, now, we are shoulder to shoulder firing back at the ones that should have been exterminated in the first place. The tribe.


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  4. vᚻællKᚱᛁᛗvosᛏ

    As fall turns to winter folks stop doing many things they’d usually do in warmer months add in bureaucratic red tape and the walls close in. No matter the weather rain, snow, sleet, hail, whatever its folks imperative to stand defiant and true to themselves.


  5. Johno

    Unfuck, I must travel down south again tomorrow, the 5th trip for eye surgery. Soon as I’m able to wheel into a library on return, I’ll view your video. Good luck.


    1. Unfuck U

      You don’t need to see my ugly face to hear what I say.
      All the best for you.
      Everytime you let some practitioner of medical wisdom do his Voodoo on your eyes some god is throwing a dice or a fit of laughter it seems.
      So this time I wish you good luck!


  6. Sandy

    Unf, sorry for all you are going through with your mom and with the government tyrants, my heart goes out to you.

    Johno, hope your eye surgery goes well.


      1. Johno

        Not quite true, Unfuck. Miss Sandy let me feel by the Braille method, most thoughtful of her.


  7. Johno

    Thank you, miss Sandy. I was allocated a Nurse Escort for the trip down to Brisbane and return today, 4 hours flying time. Nursing Sister Leigh was a great help in navigating through the Stasi each way, and giving the doctors and clerical staff a lash of her tongue if it was needed. Previously I’ve explained to Cederq about the nursing vocation here, after uni studies they go hands on, until they succeed in their learning, and finally graduate as nursing sisters, the term a historical one from when it was only nuns that filled the role. Even male nurses wear that monicker, and the girls love pointing that out, in front of male patients especially. So Cederq will be a >Sister< if he comes over here to work! BTW, Sandy, ordinary ward nurses here get a base annual salary of A$100,000/US$74,000 for a 38 hour week, but penalty rates loading sees that soar much higher. More qualifications mean more money, equivalant to some doctors. You can bring your Marine with you, if you follow the other Yank nurses that come here for the laidback lifestyle. I understand that Cederq has plans in place to slot into place as a health consultant role at Turtle Cove Beach Resort on the Marlin Coast. I think that Deathray would alsn fit right in there, providing a safe, secure experience for guests. I suggest you suss out their website, Deathray was hooked on his first visit!


    1. Cederq

      I have no plans to move to your locked down penal island Johno. I was even approached years ago by a recruiter of an executive search firm from Aussie down over looking for management level Behavioral specialists and I not only turned her down I berated her and her company and island, it was refreshing… I hate recruiters, they are no different then military service recruiters, lie out their teeth, promise the moon and what ya get is s sharp stick up your arse.


  8. Johno

    Cederq, you were?, you did? Damn, the only time a recruiter approached me was to be a body double for some John Holmes bloke. Yeah, I’ve heard of lockdowns but never experienced one, luckily, as I’d have been locked away in a gaol long ago if confronted by COVID Stasi. Seems that I have a problem with authority figures, and they have a real problem with me when I open my yap. That has got me in strife on more than a few occasions, for disrespecting their non-existent power of authority. Australia is a more varied place than the capital cities of Sydney or Melbourne. Apart from the loss of some fine old architecture and cultural archives like museums, not many Aussies would care too much if the Chicoms obliterated them with nuclear strikes. And Sydney in particular does have a beautiful harbour.


  9. Johno

    Unfuck, watch out when Cederq is using his Yanqui greenbacks to buy his knife. The Aussie dollar, or ‘Pacific peso’ only buys US$0.74, but your favourite bulldog (with those lovely blue booties!) only offers 52 cents US? About that discrepancy?, well apparently, as with the fictional Irish Father Ted’s maladministration of Parish funds, the balance was ‘just resting’ there in Cederq’s account.


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