Ruffian – Raufbold

This is certainly a rough one!
Crisp, sharp edges and a very rough surface.
This knife was once the carrying rope of a cable car.

Blade thickness = .3 centimeters
Blade length = 9 centimeters
Overall length = 20 centimeters
handle material = Walnut

Hint: order a leather sheat with this knife! (I will sell it for what I paid for)

uninsured shipping included.
Ein wahrhaft rauher Geselle!
Klare, scharfe Kanten und eine sehr rauhe Oberfläche.
Dieses Messer war einst das Tragseil einer Seilbahn.

Klingenstärke = 3 mm
Klingenlänge = 9 cm
Gesamtlänge = 20 cm
Griffmaterial = Walnuss

Tip: eine Lederscheide gleich mitbestellen! (Selbstkostenpreis)

unversicherter Versand im Kaufpreis enthalten.

2 thoughts on “Ruffian – Raufbold

  1. Phil

    That is a very cool knife!
    Rugged looking bugger, something you wouldn’t be afraid to carry every day for the tough jobs.
    The pattern turned out very nice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sternenschmiede

      Thank you Phil!
      I just sold it recently to a hunter who will use it as a skinner. He said he didn’t mind the surface catching blood and humidity as he will rinse and dry it afterwards anyway.
      he’s got the right mindset because he know that a knife like that one will develop its own patina over time protecting the surface better than enything else.


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