5 thoughts on “High praise – thank you!

  1. Johno

    Herr Stern, it is fitting that Phil is pleased with the quality of your workmanship. It is a shame that such attention to detail* is apparently lacking in the trafficking of eastern European women. A prime indice being that even Deathray won’t accept delivery, preferring his rank-smelling, hairy Sasquatch¤ to your ‘girls’. *detail: the total lack of girly bits is the main issue, secondly that you’d need product from your former employer to utilise them in any way, except as agricultural supplement. ¤Sasquatch: Deathray is gonna get nabbed by the game warden eventually, for hunting over bait. He leaves a trail of sachets of L’Oreal or Garnier hair products leading them straight to his mountain lair, where he has a hot tub waiting. That the jets of bubbles in the tub come from trained beavers that he feeds with baked beans, impresses the Sasquatch babes no less. He is apparently without conscience.


  2. Johno

    Herr Stern, you likely have explained this to others already, but please humour me. What signifigance do the stars have to your forge, why that name?


      1. Johno

        Cool, Herr Stern. I was pondering the signifigance, thought you may be dancing naked under the stars with some young Christian girls from Romania, painting ancient runes on your forge with the blood of a freshly sacrificed Moslem. I prefer my version of the story. You could bump Cederq’s knife price up if you allude to the carbon contained in the blade coming from the blood of aforementioned musselman. I mean, you have a rich history of such in Austria, are you still allowed to stake the remains? Just make sure that the prevailing winds blow toward a migrants’ camp.


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